Slow Burn

Taking a walk with you on the town
At a quarter past midnight
While other people are making love
We can make mischief in the night
In wet cement write anything that you want to
I’m set on you

You can keep me around for the occasional kiss
Outside of your front door
Or blow off steam at me if you like
I’ll keep coming back for more
Like the sun on the day when it’s through,
I’m set on you

Give me love or give me hell, I’ll gladly take
Whichever one you’re dishing out on that particular day

The answer’s yes, though I’m shaking my head
At how impossible you are
Lucky for me, I can take you down
Like a pinot noir
Oh, you’d love to see me try
Wouldn’t you?
Suppose I’ll have to
Tell me what else can I do?
I’m set on you
I’m set on you
I’m set on you